Rustic Tin Butterflies or Dragonflies, Upcycled Yard Decor

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I have created these rustic tin butterflies or dragonflies with reclaimed tin from my Granddaddy's old hay barn. Multiple steps are completed from salvaging the pieces of tin, when storms damaged the barn to cutting, filing, and decorating the winged critters with keys for antenna's and a wooden furniture spindle for the body. The wooden spindle has been painted brown and turquoise.

Each one is unique and different. They each have a twine covered wire hanger, so you can hang these from a nail, cup hook, tack, etc in your yard, a tree, or where ever you need a little funky junk tin butterfly to decorate your space! Someone even called one a bumble bee, so really, they are whatever YOU want them to be! 

Everything is handmade and repurposed, except the mechanics to hold the pieces together and the hanger. The edges have been filed to help prevent sharp edges, but please do be careful when handling them! 

*** props not included - photographed at our monthly show at the Mineola Antique Fair. 

Price is per bird and you can choose exact bird from the menu options. 

Thank you!